The sun always shines on The Yellow Brick Road, yet stress, pressure, and anxiety are at all-time highs. Social and economic change is occurring at a pace far too fast for many people to cope with it. Just as the Wizard of Oz proved to be a “false wizard,” so are opioids, alcohol, binge eating, shopping, etc. These coping mechanisms and poor choices are harmful, even fatal, yet they are ever on the increase. More deaths will occur this year from opioid overdoses than the number of deaths that occurred in Vietnam over an eleven-year span, but even those who do survive these grim statistics suffer premature aging and a myriad of health problems.

We are all blessed at birth with natural brain chemicals that we need to lead happy, emotionally balanced lives. Our four feel-good chemicals reside in our brains and are accessible to each of us through The Yellow Brick Road, via our very breath and a dedicated practice of yoga and meditation. The Emerald City, a calm mind in which “troubles melt like lemon drops” is reachable if one stays on The Yellow Brick Road, and on that journey, you will find more strength, flexibility, and balance... Just as the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion discovered, their true power for positive change was already within them, and they didn’t really need the wizard’s help after all. You, too, can accomplish this, and all it requires is that you move and breathe! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make “maybe someday” your “day one” on The Yellow Brick Road, the true path to your new life.


Finally break your dependency on the coping crutches you’ve been depending on to carry you through your stress-filled days and nights.

Find a powerful way of returning more joy to your days and restful sleep to your nights.

Equip your children with new social and emotional coping skills.

Rewire your brain and return to normalcy after trauma.

Age gracefully and with dignity, without ever really feeling old.

Achieve total mind-body fitness, even if you are already physically fit.


Restore emotional and physical balance in your life and ditch the false wizards that promise much but only deliver disappointment, misery, poor health, obesity, addiction, premature aging, a myriad of poor health, and even death.

  • How to exit the ASAP lane.
  • The future doesn’t have to suck.
  • Calm your monkey brain that insists on jumping incessantly from limb to limb.
  • Stop ruminating on regrets from yesterday and worries about tomorrow.
  • Active the happiness chemicals in your brain and find your ticket to the Emerald City.
  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.
  • Proudly declare, “I’m not willing to be miserable anymore,” and take charge of your health.
  • Employ six mindful breathing techniques to help you stay in the now standard time (NST) zone.
  • Prevent your brain from being hijacked in high-stress situations.
  • Rewire your brain and recover after trauma.
  • Age gracefully and with dignity, without ever feeling old.
  • Corral your wandering mind during meditation.
  • Learn from fifteen living examples, from pre-k to seniors, and see how this approach can make a dramatic difference.
  • Discover which type of yoga is best for you as an individual.
  • Make your “maybe someday” your “day one” of changing your life for the better.


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“How often do we hear coaches and athletes talk about the need to ‘slow the game down’? Is it only a coincidence that recent Super Bowl and NBA championship winning teams also incorporate yoga into their team training regimens? With the game on the line, this becomes essential. For elite athletes, successful coaches and all of us, self-control is fundamental to making the smartest decisions. In this book, Alan Steelman provides a disciplined approach for all us that would vastly improve our ability to cope with the pace of life today.”

—Joe Bailey
Former COO of National Football League World League, CEO, Miami Dolphins,

“Alan Steelman has had remarkable success in business and politics. His mantra is ‘Mens sana in corpora sana’ (a healthy mind in a healthy body), and in this book, he reveals the path to the inner balance required for a healthy, successful life. For years, I’ve listened to Alan Steelman—a ‘renaissance man’—if ever there was one. In this book, he reveals the true path to success, longevity, and balance. This is a worthy guide book.”

—Bob Lutz
Former Vice-Chairman, General Motors,
Iconic International Auto Executive and Bestselling Author of Car Guys vs Bean Counters, Icons andIdiots, and Guts: 8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of Our Time

“The quest for ‘bigger, better, faster, stronger’ is a good descriptor for the lives many of us lead today, and this can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health, relationships, and the way we live in the world. In this book about Life in the ASAP Lane, Alan Steelman outlines the tragic national consequences of such a stressful way of living. Record-high opioid overdose deaths, soaring obesity rates, and alarmingly high teen anxiety and suicide attempts all illuminate the depth and breadth of this problem. The good news, Alan says, is that ‘there is an exit ramp’. He calls it the Yellow Brick Road, referring to mindful breathing. In my book, The Stress-Proof Brain, I say that mindfulness has the potential to make not only individuals, but, businesses, institutions and societies stress-proof. Read Alan’s book, it is your path to a healthier mind and body.”

—Dr. Melanie Greenberg
Author of best-selling book,
The Stress-Proof Brain
Practicing Psychologist, Speaker, and Life/Business Coach